Jessica Simpson Wants A Home Birth

Jessica Simpson Wants A Home Birth

Jessica Simpson has revealed that she wants to have her baby at home — and she’s even thinking about raising her first child with fiancee, Eric Johnson, as a vegan!

Reportedly, she decided on a home birth after watching Ricki Lake’s documentary, The Business Of Being Born. Since she and Eric are both said to be vegans (whatever happened to real girls eating meat?), they are considering a vegan upbringing for their child’s diet.

A source said, “Jessica is hell-bent on the idea of giving birth naturally at home after watching Ricki’s documentary. She’d love to deliver her baby in the comfortable surroundings of her Los Angeles mansion.”

We’re sure she would love to have a natural birth — until it starts hurting so badly that she can’t stand it any longer.

The source went on to say, “After becoming a vegan, Jessica lost a little weight, her cholesterol level dropped, her skin looked better and she felt more energized. Both she and Eric want the best for their baby, and they believe he or she will be healthier raised as a vegan.”

No doubt….but let’s see how long that natural childbirth thing lasts….Ha!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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