Jessica Simpson Wants To Revive Her Music Career

Jessica Simpson Wants To Revive Her Music Career

Fashion mogul Jessica Simpson is really keen on reviving her career in music. As you may know, Simpson hasn’t released an album since 2010, but is eager to focus her efforts on singing once again. She took some time off in order to have children and to take care of her growing fashion empire.

A source revealed, “She’s told friends she’d love to record another album. It’s her New Year’s resolution.”

In an effort to bring her resolution to reality, the singer has built a private recording studio in her home in Los Angeles so that she can juggle both motherhood and the ability to get songs recorded. An insider said, “The plan is to get the new album recorded this year and go on tour the following. Jess has missed performing so much. She’s very excited.”

In 2013, an insider revealed that Jessica Simpson has missed singing. The source said, “Singing is why she got into the entertainment business and something she will never stop doing. She is excited to start recording songs that she wants to record. At this point in her career, she no longer has to worry about singing songs a record label or dad tells her to record. She can sing whatever makes her happy, and that is exactly what she intends to do.”

Are you excited to hear Jessica Simpson return to her singing roots and release an album this year? Hit the comments and let us know what your favorite Jessica Simpson song was. On the other hand, do you think she should stick to doing fashion related stuff and motherhood – and just leave the singing stuff in the past?

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