Jessica Simpson’s Pregnant Elle Cover: Offensive?

Jessica Simpson's Pregnant Elle Cover: Offensive?

Fashion mogul Jessica Simpson appears on the April cover of Elle magazine nude and pregnant and apparently the magazine cover has offended some people!

The photo above shows Jessica nude with one hand covering her breast and the other cradling her belly. This has caused some trouble for a Safeway in Tucson, Arizona after the store received some complaints about the image. This has prompted the management at the store to cover the photo with cardboard or just turn it around.

A spokeswoman for Safeway said that the manager of the store received “multiple complaints” over the image so they blocked it with cardboard to block anything that could be offensive to their customers.

Did you find the image offensive? The cover paid homage to Demi Moore’s 1991 cover of Vanity Fair where she was seen striking the same pregnant nude pose.


Jessica Simpson’s Pregnant Elle Cover: Offensive? was last modified: March 23rd, 2012 by Megan Lindsey
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  • alicante

    It seems silly to me to get offended by the pregnancy picture.  But I guess it’s no more silly than getting so offended by naked women in general. 

  • NurseBree

    I am a mother of one and he is now almost thirteen! I was very young when I had him, and hope in the future to have at least one more, but who knows? Many other stars, like Brittney Spears, have also taken a picture on a cover similar to this one, and to me there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. I WISH I had taken a picture like this, I took a lot, but this to me looks classy and is really all about the mother and her baby–not what stylist she was wearing, what brand of jewels she had on; just simply a beautiful expectant mother.  The people that were offended probably also hate mothers that nurse in public, which is also perfectly natural.  I nursed for two years, and did so when my son requested it.  I wore a blanket so not everyone had my breasts staring back at them, but pregnancy and breastfeeding are such a short period time in the big picture of your little ones life, so do what feels right, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about feeling beautiful, or bonding with your little one while giving him or her the best nutrition they will ever have.  Blessings to all, S.S., Registered Nurse and mother of one, California :)