Jim Carrey spoofs Black Swan

Jim Carrey spoofed the new movie, Black Swan, on Saturday Night Live – and by the looks of things, he was simply hilarious.

The Daily Mail has more:

The 48-year-old made a very unattractive woman as he strutted into the ballet studio saying, ‘Sorry I’m late. I had to go numbers 3 and 4’. When he sheds his jacket, instead of having angel wings he reveals chicken-wing like tattoos on his shoulder blades and made his presence felt.

He announced, ‘Get ready to rock, bitches’ as he started flailing around clumsily and looked more like a headless chicken running around rather than a graceful swan. When he is told to warm up in the ballet studio he says: ‘I’m already warm. I’ll all… swampy in my pants’.

As in the movie, Carrey seduces the director by sucking his finger provocatively but in Carrey-style then stuffs his fist in his mouth. When Carrey’s character is rejected for the lead role he looks into the camera and says, ‘Once you go Black.. Swan – you never go back… Swan’.

The actor then appears in the White Swan make-up and crown – but looks decidedly like a haggard drag queen.

You can view the video at the source.

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