Jim Carrey’s Daughter Jane Performs On American Idol (Video)

Jim Carrey’s 24-year-old daughter Jane opted to enter herself into the fray that is American Idol on last night’s special Sunday episode of the talent competition.

She appeared to not want to get a passing mark on the show just because of her famous father. In the end, isn’t that kind of what happened? We’re not saying that she’s not talented, but was she amazing? No.

In case you’ve missed the show last night after the NFC game, you can read our full recap of it here. The auditions took the cast and crew to San Diego, California, aboard the USS Midway. It was here that Jane said she wanted to make it on her own.


She was a bit flat in her version of Bonnie Raitt’s song, Something To Talk About. She hit some good notes, but was she overall American Idol quality? We don’t think so.

In the end, we feel that while talented, she likely got past the auditions because of who her father is. Having said that, we wish her luck on the show, because there is some fierce competition this season!

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Photo Credit: Tuukka Jantti, Pacificcoastnews.com

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