Jimmy Iovine Wants Jennifer Lopez To Stay On ‘American Idol’

Jimmy Iovine Wants Jennifer Lopez To Stay On 'American Idol'

Now that the eleventh season of “American Idol” is winding down to a close, there’s another question on everyone’s mind besides whether it’ll be Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez as the winner of the show. People are curious as to whether or not Jennifer Lopez will be sitting at the judge’s table next to Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson for the show’s twelfth season.

Jennifer has already cast doubt on her future with the show, telling Ellen DeGeneres that she’s too busy. Interscope head honcho and “Idol” mentor Jimmy Iovine says that he hopes that Jennifer will be back for another season.

In a press conference earlier today, he said, “She’s incredible, I hope she does it again. I know nothing about this…I just mentor the kids and do my thing. And Jennifer’s wonderful. Funny and beautiful and talented. So I hope they keep her.”

He went on to say, “I am low in the totem pole. I don’t get to make these decisions about the judges.”

If Jennifer doesn’t return for next season, do you think Jimmy would make an adequate replacement as a judge? If not, who do you think they should get to take her spot?

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