Jimmy Page couldn’t deal with the death of John Bonham | Refused Led Zeppelin reunion

Jimmy Page has said that he was too traumatized to deal with anything to do with Led Zeppelin for years due to the death of the drummer, John Bonham. He couldn’t even listen to Led Zeppelin…..

The group disbanded after the accidental passing of the then 32-year-old, who died choking on vomit after a session of heavy drinking – and Page was so horrified he avoided the band for years.

He says, “After John Bonham’s death I spent 15 years not even wanting to think about Led Zeppelin. But I also have difficulty thinking it’s all over. Now at least one concert is planned and I’m incredibly happy about that.”

And it was the music that eventually convinced the guitarist to reunite with his bandmates for a comeback concert.

He adds, “If I listen to our records from that time now, I think, ‘My God, we were incredibly good!’ We really blew everyone else off stage and in that way created a separate status for ourselves in the music world.”

With talent like this, it’s hard to ignore the fact that you must go on and you must make music, because the whole world loves you. And it’s hard to lose a friend and bandmate, but we’re all glad that Led Zeppelin is touring now, and I can’t wait to see them live.

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