Jimmy Page: “No chance of a Led Zeppelin tour until September”

Jimmy Page

If you think you’re in for a Led Zeppelin concert anytime soon, then you are sadly mistaken. Jimmy Page has said this in Tokyo recently: “The amount of work that we put into the O2, both ourselves rehearsing and also for the staging of it, was probably what you’d put into a world tour anyway.”

He also went on to say that Robert Plant has a project going on with Alison Krauss and he’s been busy with that, and will be until at least September.

So, we can wait around and hope that they’ll do a full tour. I know I will…I’d go see Robert Plant, but the tradeoff is seeing Alison Krauss sing or something…..and I just don’t think I could put myself through that. It’s just not worth it to me.

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