Joanna Pacitti Replaced On American Idol By Felicia Barton

Remember what I told you about American Idol contestant Joanna Pacitti? She had too much background to be considered an amateur for the show, even though the girl can sing like mad.

We’ve just found out that she’s been replaced on American Idol for their top 36 contestants. Ahh, the controversy begins.

Late last night, the network released this statement, “It has been determined that Joanna Pacitti is ineligible to continue in the competition.” The announcement was released shortly after the broadcast of the show’s “Final Judgement” episode”, which actually shows Pacitti going into the semifinals.

It’s a shame for Pacitti, even though she’s had plenty of chances to make it as a singer, she can sing. Hopefully she’ll work something out for a record deal with someone else. Toss her a bone, Clive.

She has been replaced by 26-year-old Idol hopeful, Felicia Barton.

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