Joe Elliott turns 49 today! Happy Birthday Joe!

Rawr. Joe Elliott turns 49 today! Happy Birthday to Joe!

Dude, I’m totally your biggest fan. Rawk on!

Joe Elliott turns 49 today! Happy Birthday Joe! was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Kat

    Good God……..can this man be any better looking!!!!!!! Who ever said mid-life took away a man’s looks….lots of them look better as they age. And, you know they’ve got the experience (wink wink) to back up their looks and attitude and keep us ladies happy and satisfied.
    This man is just so freakin fine!! Keep rockin JOE!!!! You’ve still got it and it looks better every time!!!!!!!!!! (PS, it’s sinful what you make us ladies think by wearing leather!!!!)

  • Elaine

    Joe looks like just what he is, a BIG drunk!! And it’s quite obvious the self-admitted tightwad ISN’T paying for haircuts!

    • Ruth

      so you know this for a fact? yeh i doubt ,but even so it would still be best to keep unkind opinions to are still alive therefore are apt to change over the years you have left as well.and as we all know the man definately still ROCKS!!!!!!!

  • Kat

    You must know him personally to be able to give us such insight into his personal life. I thought we weren’t supposed to judge others, especially if we don’t know them?! I do respect you right to your opinion, though.