Joe Francis Involved In Fight After Car Accident

Joe Francis Involved In Fight After Car Accident

Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis was involved in a car accident in Beverly Hills, which spawned a fight with a female driver.

He was driving down Rodeo Drive in his Bentley when he got into an accident with another driver. Joe and the woman began arguing over whose fault the accident was when it got physical. Apparently Joe was trying to take pictures of the accident and the damage to his vehicle, when the woman grabbed the phone out of his hand.

TMZ reports:

Cops say both suffered minor injuries. Francis says his finger was cut when the woman tried to grab the phone.

Police un-cuffed Francis and decided no one would be arrested.

We’re glad no one was hurt….but we still have to wonder who hit who? Why was she so pressed to snag his phone before he could take pictures?

Did he ask her to show him her boobs?

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