Joe Jonas ditches his purity ring for Ashley Greene

Joe Jonas and his brothers made the purity ring famous by declaring themselves celibate before marriage. Now, things are said to be getting serious between he and Ashley Greene, causing him to effectively ditch the ring. Hmmm….

A friend of the couple’s said, “When they’re not traveling, they’re basically living together.”

Recent sightings of Joe show him without the ring, leading gossips to ponder that their relationship is heating up.

Do you think they’re going to get married?

Joe Jonas ditches his purity ring for Ashley Greene was last modified: September 9th, 2010 by Lydia Harris
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  • Yanira

    If joe “ditched”the purity ring for her,or any other girl I’d be dissapointed and totally loose respect for joe.

    • Roberta

      She’s got nude pics on the internet, she would probably burn up if that ring came anywhere near her.

  • sabrina

    I totally agree w/ you guys. They don’t seem to be anything a like.

  • chitra

    Oh my god
    I can’t believe please tell me that it is not true otherwise my heart???????????????
    you know i have a crush on Mr Joseph Adam Jonas.
    this is for joe only
    what are you doing my luv.