Joe Manganiello Talks Magic Mike & True Blood’s Fifth Season!

Joe Manganiello Talks Magic Mike & True Blood's Fifth Season!

Joe Manganiello has already filmed his scenes as Big Dick Richie for his new movie, Magic Mike. He talked about the saucy dance moves for the movie, telling his fans how he got the stripper moves!

He said, “Channing’s on another level, dance-wise, but he didn’t necessarily teach us. We had some people for Britney Spears’ choreography team teach us our moves. Body rolls, some hip stuff.”

He went on to reveal, “Everybody in the cast can really move. They can all carry off the moves, but nobody takes themselves seriously. We had a ton of fun. It felt like an ‘Animal House’ vibe – just a bunch of degenerate guys running around, causing trouble.”

Now that he’s done filming Magic Mike, he’s focusing on playing hot werewolf Alcide Herveaux in True Blood. He said that he’s meeting with the show’s creator, Alan Ball, to discuss season five of the hit show and what he’d like to see happen with Alcide.

He said, “Alcide likes Sookie a whole heck of a lot. I’m with the fans on this one. I totally want to see them hook up. Are you kidding?”

He revealed that his mother is a big fan of Anna Paquin’s and she’s also hoping for a romantic storyline between the two. He said, “My mom loves Anna Paquin – she’s seen The Piano probably a hundred times. She would love to see that. But if it meant my mother had to see me naked one more time on screen, she probably would not vote for that.”

The show has also hinted at the return of Russell Edgington, played by Denis O’Hare. Of that, Joe added, “I love Denis O’Hare. Him coming back – it’s not good for Alcide, but it’s definitely good for the show.”

Are you excited to see Magic Mike? How about the fifth season of True Blood? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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