Joe Simpson DUI Update: Jessica Simpson’s Father Busted With .12 BAC

Joe Simpson DUI Update: Jessica Simpson's Father Busted With .12 BAC

Jessica Simpson’s father Joe was recently arrested for driving under the influence and since, we’ve learned new information regarding his bust. The 54-year-old manager was arrested on Ventura Boulevard on August 4th on suspicion of DUI after officers smelled alcohol on his person.

After sniffing out the booze, Joe was taken to the local jail where he was held until the following day. He was released and did not have to ask his daughter for bail money. It’s being said that Joe will not suffer through any further jail time as he was a first time offender.

Now, new details have emerged with regard to Joe’s DUI bust. A source who tipped off TMZ said that Joe was arrested with a .12 blood alcohol content (BAC), which is well over the legal limit of .08. He was said to have been driving near a bar where his daughter Jessica is a frequent customer.

Joe hasn’t spoken publicly about the arrest on his official Twitter account. Jessica hasn’t either, but gave a message on the social networking website about responsibility the very next day. She tweeted, “Responsibility has drastically changed my life! Saturday night drink of choice…. WATER! :)”

Of course she is referring to the responsibility of having her daughter Maxwell, but it still fits, no?

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  • anon

    your wrong check the time dates Jess tweeted it hours before her dad was arrested. Geesh & while it wrong to drink & drive  this level is actually very little when most are over 2.. Its silly & he was not pulled over for irratic behavior or anything close. The police couldn’t even tell if he was drunk.. its all insane & no mug shot yet says maybe police  are out of line