John Mayer defends Kanye West

John Mayer defends Kanye WestJohn Mayer wants us all to GIVE KANYE WEST A BREAK, OKAY? I dunno what happened there, I think that statement was possessed by some caps loving freak…

Even though Kanye pulled a stage hijacking that got ripped on for a good month, John is calling on all of us to just let it go already. Note to John: We’ve let it go already, why are you bringing it up again?

He said, “Here’s how we work in America: We raise them and then we drop them…It went like this: ‘That was messed up Kanye! You deserve a punishment.’ Then, all of a sudden, the punishment got so severe, I was like, ‘Time out!’

He added, “If you just woke up now and you looked at the backlash on Kanye, you’d think that he actually firebombed the stage…It’s the MTV Video Music Awards. It’s not the G8 summit. I think he’s remorseful. I think this guy’s got to be reconsidering how he’s gonna act, and that’s fine. We learn from our little mistakes that happen in public.”

Wah wah wah….

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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