John Mayer & Miley Cyrus kissing?!?

John Mayer & Miley Cyrus kissing?!?

John Mayer is reportedly inflicting his douchebaggery on none other than Miley Cyrus! Yes, we get it now, you’re an adult!

Even though she spent a day flirting with Joshua Bowman at Griffith Park, she was said to be following John around at the Grammy Awards, like a lost little puppy! Ugh.

A snitch on the scene said, “At one point backstage, Miley was rubbing John’s back and, when he thought no one was looking, he leaned over and kissed her!”

Eww.. Come on, Miley! What are you thinking?!??

Miley’s response? The spy said, “Miley slapped his butt and told him, ‘You rock!'”

So gross on so many levels!

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