John Mayer Regrets Breakup With Jennifer Aniston

John Mayer Regrets Breakup With Jennifer Aniston

Now that Jennifer Aniston is happily moving in with her boyfriend, Justin Theroux, we’re hearing something from the peanut gallery AKA her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer. Figures.

Apparently, he’s so distraught with regret that he’s eating like a broke college student. A pal of his reportedly said, “She was the one who got away. He’s definitely not thrilled to see Jen in so many photos with a new guy – especially one who is a cooler version of him.”

HA. A cooler version. His “pal” did NOT say that. If he did, then that dude needs to turn in his friend card, immediately. Celebitchy has more:

Now spending his time gorging on pizza bites, Hot Pickets and Smucker’s Uncrustables while writing new tunes in his home in L.A.’s Pacific Palisades, Mayer, 33, is ahem, heavy with regrets. “He’s just eating microwave food and getting chunky,” the pal adds of Mayer, who had notoriously held an impromptu street press conference to discuss an initial split with Aniston in 2008. “Seeing Jen happy now isn’t easy. He cared about her more than any of his other girlfriends.”

Too funny. I’m sure he’ll find some famewhore that’s willing to give him some comfort. Elisabetta Canalis is free.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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  • Leya Hasany

    Jen will be happy.She is angel.

  • Pivot06

    Leave him alone.  Find someone else to make up stories about.    

  • Kallie

    ‘Angel’…huahahahahahaha….of course she will be happy….does her bit by selling old handbags for charity but keeps her 110m to spend on herself

  • Kallie

    ‘Angel’…huahahahahahaha….of course she will be happy….does her bit by selling old handbags for charity but keeps her 110m to spend on herself

  • Guin

    Yeah, he looks like a real fat ass.  *rolls eyes*  I like how stupid crap said by some hanger-on is treated as fact.

  • Kate

    JM is entitled to his regrets, and his crappy food.  There is a lot of love out there for him, and he’ll find his at some point in time, probably when he’s not looking for it.  Maybe he needs to find someone not in the entertainment field.

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  • xyz

    He really should, but there is a lot of fish in the ocean.

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  • Kelly Irving

    John always wants what he can’t have.

  • Carlos Saenz

    You know, I don’t read these articles, generally, cause I’m not really that into the gossip scene. But, I googled one of my favorite musicians, John Mayer, cause i hadnt heard anything from him in a long time and this popped up. I read it and I gotta say its pretty mean. Just no reason to hate on him that way. Everybody has crappy relationships. Well, some people don’t have any at all, but you get the point. Normal people are out there dating, just like John. Difference is, his business is fodder for the media cannon, while our lives are generally private. Two cents.