John Mayer Wants Jennifer Aniston Back?

John Mayer Wants Jennifer Aniston Back?

We haven’t heard a whole lot of anything from John Mayer as of late…but apparently he is still holding a candle for his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston. Who knew?!??

When they were together, he only seemed to use her for the publicity, so why even bother???

Now that she’s steadily dating Justin Theroux, it seems that John wants her back. This sounds like a bad country song to us!

Reportedly, John has been sending her text messages, non-stop. A source said, “Jennifer is totally involved with Justin, and wants absolutely nothing to do with John. John broke Jen’s heart, but that doesn’t seem to faze him.”

The source went on to reveal, “He’s been relentless in his pursuit of Jennifer lately – texting her witty messages, sending love poems and calling to ask her out. But it’s been two years since they were together and Jen sees it as far too little too late. She feels she’s found a better, more responsibly and reliable man.”

You go girl. Ignore that jerk, you can do so much better!

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