John Mayer Was Using Katy Perry; Seeing Other Women

John Mayer Was Using Katy Perry; Seeing Other Women

By now you’ve had to have heard that John Mayer and Katy Perry have called it quits once again in their relationship. Some may have even tried to pin their breakup on their super busy schedules. Of course they are busy people, there’s no doubt about that, but what really happened to cause them to break things off again?

Our friends at Bohomoth have been clued in via a super exclusive source. Apparently, John didn’t think that their relationship was exclusive, was using Katy for the publicity for his new album and was banging other chicks on the site. That guy, so classy.

From the source:

John’s been involved with at least one other woman whilst he was with Katy and insisting that their high-profile relationship was just for PR ahead of his world tour and not serious as far as he was concerned.

Click on over to Bohomoth to read the rest of the statement from the snitch on the inside. And then you can come back and let us know how much of a douche John still is!

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