John Mayer Wrote A Song About Taylor Swift?

John Mayer Wrote A Song About Taylor Swift?

In 2010, country singer Taylor Swift came out with a song called Dear John that was obviously about her relationship with former boyfriend John Mayer. Now, three years later he is apparently turning the tables on her.

John has written a song called Paper Doll, which is said to be all about Taylor. Revenge?

From Crushable:

Last night John Mayer debuted his new song “Paper Doll” and all signs point to it being about his ex-lover Taylor Swift. And by signs, I mean a few choice phrases that we can spend all day analyazing and overanalyzing and underanalyzing and sideanalyzing. With lines like ”You’re like twenty-two girls in one,” it’s hard to believe that he really intended it to be about anyone else. After all, how many other lady-girls do we know out there who are so wildly fixated on the number 22? The correct answer is none.

Should they just get back together already? What do you think? Is his song about Swifty or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. ha ha. Fair play to him if he did!

  2. these two need to grow up and quick. who cares. it’s been years. move on.

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