John Travolta Butchered Idina Menzel’s Name At The Oscars

John Travolta Butchered Idina Menzel's Name At The Oscars

John Travolta came to the Oscars last night with just one job: to introduce Idina Menzel, so that she could sing “Let It Go” from “Frozen”. Could he handle that? Of course not. Did this man rehearse his introduction whatsoever? Our guess is no — considering that he gave Menzel an entirely new name.

He introduced her as “Adele Dazim” instead of her real name, but things at the Academy Awards didn’t skip a beat. He didn’t stop, he didn’t apologize and she hasn’t spoken of it since. We’ve heard reports that Travolta suffers from Dyslexia, but that has yet to be confirmed.

There is some good that has come from this little gaffe. Apparently, some quick thinker opted to register the name @AdeleDazim on Twitter. That account already has over 5,000 followers on the social networking service.

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