John Travolta Sued By Robert Randolph For Libel

John Travolta Sued By Robert Randolph For Libel

John Travolta has been the focus of scrutiny over his sexuality lately, with masseurs coming forward to claim that he sexually assaulted them on various occasions. Now, an author named Robert Randolph, who wrote the book “You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again”, is suing the actor for libel.

In the lawsuit, Robert claims that John and his lawyer Marty Singer spread false statements about him in 2010, just to get people from not purchasing his book. The book reportedly has details of how John had sexual encounters with men in spas all over the city. Marty says that Robert’s claims are “absurd”.

The attorney released a statement saying, “We intend to sue the attorneys for malicious prosecution after the court promptly dismisses this baseless lawsuit.”

The book was published in February of this year, just several months before John became the subject of a couple of lawsuits brought against him by masseurs. Both of the men have filed sexual assault lawsuits against John and have hired Gloria Allred to represent them after ditching their first attorney.

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