Johnny Depp Covers ‘Entertainment Weekly’ For ‘Dark Shadows’ (PHOTO)

Johnny Depp Covers 'Entertainment Weekly' For 'Dark Shadows' (PHOTO)

Johnny Depp is featured on the latest cover of “Entertainment Weekly” in full character as Barnabas Collins from his new flick, “Dark Shadows”. In the magazine, they talk to Johnny as well as director Tim Burton. The magazine talks about the longtime friendship between Johnny and Tim, who have worked together on eight movies over the past twenty years.

Helena Bonham Carter said, “None of us gets their jokes, but they get their jokes and they’re laughing, so whatever.”

Johnny said, “I feel as though he’s my brother. It’s a weird understand, this kind of shorthand we have. I truly understand him and know him, I think, just as well as anybody can. He certainly knows me as well as anybody can.”

Tim said, “We don’t wear our ‘This Is Our 8th Movie Together!’ t-shirts every day.”

The movie centers around Barnabas who is a 200-year-old vampire who is looking to exact his vengeance on a witch who changed him into a vampire. This issue is out today, May 4th.

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