Johnny Depp Had Bathroom Trouble In Barnabas Collins Costume

Johnny Depp Had Bathroom Trouble In Barnabas Collins Costume

In the Tim Burton movie, “Dark Shadows”, Johnny Depp portrays vampire Barnabas Collins. In full costume for the role, it appears that Johnny had a bit of an issue with the fingernails. To put it politely, he had a bit of trouble in the bathroom as a result of the nails.

Reportedly, the actor had to rely on a team of assistants in order to be able to use the bathroom during breaks while filming the movie. The pointy nails that Barnabas has made it difficult for him to urinate. During an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, he talked about the movie kerfuffle.

He said, “Well it took some time to get used to, certainly. They stayed on the whole day. There were a team of er…people who would assist me (in the bathroom).”

Too funny. Have you seen the movie yet? We’ve heard some good reviews as well as poor ones. If you’ve seen it, what were your thoughts on it? Were you a fan of Johnny’s latest role?

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