Johnny Depp Talks About His ‘Sharp’ Daughter Lily Rose

Johnny Depp Talks About His 'Sharp' Daughter Lily Rose

Johnny Depp is opening up about his daughter with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. He said in a new interview that 15-year-old Lily Rose is intelligent, but scary at times.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, he said that he has days where he doesn’t feel as if he can do anything right by his teenage daughter. He revealed, “She is a sharp kid, very sophisticated, super intelligent and, uh, scary. All that cool stuff is going on that 15-year-old girls… All that stuff. So she could be the sweetest thing in the world, which most of the time she is, and suddenly I am in trouble for something.”

He also said that his kids are definitely smarter than he is. He revealed, “You come home and my daughter is sitting around doing her homework. ‘Oh, what are you reading, baby?’ ‘It’s the Odyssey by Homer.’ She starts asking me questions and you’re befuddled. What happened to Dr. Seuss?”

Recently, Johnny also said that he and his fiance Amber Heard are considering having children together. He said, “As far as having more kids, it’s easy for me – and Amber should have the opportunity to have kids if she wants. Let’s face it, practicing for it is fun and it’s all wonderful.

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