Josh Hutcherson’s Praise For Hunger Games Director Gary Ross

Josh Hutcherson's Praise For Hunger Games Director Gary Ross

After the reports hit the internet that Hunger Games director Gary Ross wouldn’t be directing the movie’s sequel, Josh Hutcherson said that he can’t imagine making the sequel without him. The sequel is called Catching Fire, but Gary has ruled himself out of the running for directing duties. Have you seen The Hunger Games yet? If so, what did you think?

Josh said that Gary is “one hundred percent” his choice to direct the movie. He went on to say, “Gary is my guy, one hundred percent, through and through. He killed the first one. He absolutely knocked it out of the park. Everyone who worked with him loved him. Myself and Jennifer and all of the other cast members loved him. I couldn’t imagine making the movie without him. That’s what I have to say about that.”

He went on to say that he is very excited that the movie is so wildly successful in the theaters. He added, “I’m very happy. I’m very excited. I didn’t expect it, that’s for sure. It’s super-exciting. I just love making movies. The fact that people actually watch them, is just a bonus, I feel like. It allows me to keep on making movies. It’s pretty exciting.”

HE was great in the movie, don’t you think? We are definitely interested in seeing the sequel. Are you?

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