Joshua Ledet Performs ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ On American Idol – Video

Tonight’s theme on American Idol is Queen Week and we will see the top six competitors take on two songs. One of which, of course, is a Queen track, while the other is from a song of their choosing. Last week, we said goodbye to Colton Dixon on the show and the competition is heating up.

We are recapping the show LIVE at this link, so check out the results as they happen!

Left in the competition are Phillip Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh, Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine and Elise Testone. There are no more saves, so the contestants really has to bring it to avoid elimination.

On tonight’s show, Joshua Ledet is performing his first song of the night, Crazy Little Thing Called Love.


Our commentary:

We’re not feeling this cover of the popular Queen track. He’s giving it his all and we’ve definitely heard worse. But it’s coming off as karaoke night. Again, we’ve heard worse, so Joshua gets a reprieve tonight.

Judge’s commentary:

Randy: That was unbelievable. Vocals, four checks, performance, character and charisma, four checks. Joshua reminds him of Sam Cooke. He loves it.
Jennifer: She loves all of the singers in the competition, but Joshua is her favorite part of the show. It was an inspired vocal and a great performance.
Steven: He has such a classic style and he sounds like nobody else. It was beautiful, thank you.

What did you think of Joshua’s performance tonight? Do you think he has what it takes to be the next American Idol? Was this your favorite performance of the evening? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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