Justin Bieber Asks Selena Gomez To Move In With Him

Justin Bieber Asks Selena Gomez To Move In With Him

Justin Bieber has asked his off-again/on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez to move in with him.

According to the latest gossip, Bieber has already rekindled his relationship with the former Disney star. Now, he apparently wants to take things a step further and have her live with him. He was said to have asked Gomez to move into his pricey Los Angeles pad with him. A source revealed, “Selena and Justin are a hundred percent together right now, he’s asked her to move in with him and she couldn’t be happier. She’s still being cautious, she’s not going to give up her place, that way if anything goes wrong or if she decides she needs some space, she’ll have her own spot to go to. But, officially she’s going to be living with him. It’s a huge step.”

Certainly Gomez should have an “out” for moving in with Bieber. In their off time, he has hooked up with other chicks and hangs out with girls that he knows Gomez doesn’t like. Despite all of that, these two still manage to find their way back to one another, so perhaps it’s really meant to be.

In 2010, they first started dating and have been dating on and off ever since. In January, they confirmed that they had reconnected but split after Bieber was seen flirting with Kylie Jenner. It was at that time that Gomez unfollowed everyone on social networking websites because she wanted to steer clear of that scene. Besides that, who wants a friend who will date your ex-boyfriend, especially right after you break up? There’s a girl code, right?

Since, Bieber went through a lot to show his lady love that he was still interested in making things work and the rest is history. Perhaps they will eventually get married and have babies together? They are still young and there’s plenty of time — but until then, we will sit back and watch what happens.

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