Justin Bieber Befriends Nick Jonas; Angers Girlfriend Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber Befriends Nick Jonas; Angers Girlfriend Selena Gomez

Teen singer Justin Bieber has left his girlfriend Selena Gomez a bit angry after befriending her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas. We don’t see this one ending well, do you? Apparently Selena is devastated that Justin and Nick have become good friends and she event went as far as refusing to attend one of his concerts because of their friendship.

A source said, “Justin and Nick Jonas hung out all Thursday night. Selena was crying about it. He wouldn’t even return her call when she found out and called him up.”

She previously spoke of her split from Nick, saying, “I was in a relationship previously where I had to hide everything and it wasn’t my choice. I had to go through different exits and take separate cars and do the craziest things, and it just really wasn’t worth it. It was like a year of my life completely wasted.”

Justin and Nick recently tweeted each other after having spent time together. Justin said, “In the studio tonight working on the acoustic album..had some solid ping pong matches but…still #pingpongchampion.” Earlier that night, Nick tweeted, “Just played @justinbieber in ping pong. Went to deuce both times, but he’s the ping pong champion. @Igotyounexttime :)”

Should Justin have to watch who he’s friends with so he doesn’t upset his girlfriend? Or should she just suck it up? What do you think?

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