Justin Bieber Calls British Girls Dirtier

Justin Bieber Calls British Girls Dirtier

Teen singer Justin Bieber calls his fans from the U.K. dirtier than their U.S. counterparts — and says that things are a lot more open-minded with the British. Everywhere he goes, he gets greeted by hordes of younger female fans, but said that his British fans have dirty mouths.

In his interview with “Fabulous” magazine, he said, “The girls definitely have dirtier mouths over herre. Like the commercials are sexier and wouldn’t be allowed in the States.”

He went on to say, “You don’t take things as seriously. Things are accepted in the U.K. that wouldn’t be accepted in the U.S. It’s more free in the U.K. You guys are more open-minded so the way you approach me is different.”

I wonder what happened to Justin over in the U.K. that made him think that they are more open-minded? Anyone have any idea?

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