Justin Bieber Charged With Misdemeanor Vandalism In Egg-Throwing Case

Justin Bieber Charged With Misdemeanor Vandalism In Egg-Throwing Case

Justin Bieber was charged Wednesday with misdemeanor vandalism in the case of egging one of his neighbors in Calabasas. The District Attorney’s office was going back and forth in deciding whether or not the case would be charged as a felony.

The singer was not present for the arraignment and his attorney entered in a plea of no contest to the charges. TMZ reports:

We’re told Justin will receive NO jail time. He will be placed on 1 year probation and be ordered to perform community service.

We’re told Justin will also be ordered to pay restitution to the neighbor whose house he egged. The neighbor has repair bills totaling around $20,000. A big part of the house needs to be re-plastered … and it’s very expensive Venetian plaster.

The L.A. Times has more insight on the matter:

Bieber, who did not appear in court, also was ordered to serve two years’ probation, complete a 12-week anger-management program and five days of community service and stay away from his former neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, and his family for two years.

The restitution amount was ordered after Yochelson said Schwartz and his family spent a large amount of money to repair their “dream home.”

A representative for the singer said in a statement that Justin is “glad to get this matter resolved and behind him. He will continue to move forward focusing on his career and his music.”

If you’re wondering how Justin got off, it’s likely because he hired Lindsay Lohan’s old attorney to get him out of hot water. Shawn Holley represented Justin in the matter and it was likely that she said he would pay anything just to keep this from being a felony on his record. Just a guess.

Do you think Justin Bieber got off because he’s a rich celebrity — or was this just the right amount of punishment so that he doesn’t repeat the incident? In other words, do you think this taught him a lesson?

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