Justin Bieber Criticized Over ‘The Voice’ ‘Boyfriend’ Performance

Justin Bieber Criticized Over 'The Voice' 'Boyfriend' Performance

In case you hadn’t heard, teen singing sensation Justin Bieber performed his new single “Boyfriend” for the very first time on live television. He took to the stage just minutes before the winner of “The Voice” was crowned and performed the new track. Apparently there are folks out there who felt his performance was “pitchy dawg” and have taken to YouTube to complain about the stage performance.

He has surely been a busy kid, with making a new album and graduating high school. Also, he has to find time in his schedule to spend with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Fans couldn’t think that he would keep his same youthful voice forever, could they?

A fan took to YouTube to say, “He sings off key, especially at the beginning, it’s kind of embarrassing to watch.” Another said, “He’s definitely no JT, terrible performance so off key!”

We’re sure that his many legions of fans will defend the less than stellar performance. The Bieber messiah can do no wrong in the eyes of his many Beliebers. What did you think of his performance last night?

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