Justin Bieber fan kicked out of concert

Justin Bieber fan kicked out of concert

A 13-year-old Justin Bieber fan named Bridie Moulds had saved up all of her money just to see Justin in concert, but was tossed out just a few minutes after the show started.

So what did she do that was so bad?!?? She and her friend purchased a teddy bear and proceeded to toss it onto the stage. The bear was said to have hit the teen singer in the legs. Oh noes!

A source revealed that she was ousted from the venue just five minutes into the concert. Bridie said, “I couldn’t wait for him to come to Sheffield. I bought a teddy bear and me and me and my friend made a t-shirt for it saying, ‘Bridie and Sasha love you’. We put a letter inside the bear saying what big fans we were and some pictures of us wearing Justin Bieber t-shirts.”

The arena said that they’ve given her a full refund on her ticket and said that the removal from the venue was disproportionate.

She added, “I was upset but it hasn’t put me off. I’m still a big fan and won’t be taking down my posters.”

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