Justin Bieber Has Gotten A New Tattoo!

Justin Bieber Has Gotten A New Tattoo!

We have lost count as to how many tattoos teen singer Justin Bieber has gotten, but he has just recently added to his collection of ink. Being that he is still obviously infatuated with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, the singer got her likeness tattooed on his person. Seems kind of tacky, doesn’t it?

What makes this tattoo special is that he captured her essence…oh wait, who are we kidding?!? This is Justin Bieber we’re talking about here. To the point, he made her look like an angel and he got her boobs tattooed on himself. Seems legit, no?


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This post is written by Lydia Harris

Lydia loves reading and writing about all things celebrity. She’s a fan of True Blood and anything Charlaine Harris scribbles on paper. She’s Team Eric, in case you were wondering. She loves vampire movies, but you wouldn’t catch her going near Twilight. (Vampires do NOT sparkle!) She loves all music, except for country and will play the same song over and over incessantly. Seriously. Please put the Culture Club CD away already.

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