Justin Bieber ignoring Selena Gomez?

Justin Bieber ignoring Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez might just be getting fed up with Justin Bieber! Apparently, he’s so devoted to video games and gadgets that he’s been ignoring her.

A source said, “Justin is very easily distracted and loves to engross himself in games – even when he’s with Selena.”

Uh oh! Sounds like trouble in paradise to us!

The source added, “Things came to a head recently when Justin missed a call from Selena because he was busy on his X-box on some video game. They are set for a show down chat soon because Selena has had enough.”

I’m sure that Justin probably does love playing some video games, but not at the cost of losing his girlfriend. What do you think???

Justin Bieber ignoring Selena Gomez? was last modified: April 25th, 2011 by Lydia Harris
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  • Lostmyphonenumber

    19 year old girl + 17 Boy = What the hel?!!

  • Jouliana

    yehh i love this ! this is so awesome! i love it ! break up break up~!!!!

    • Sommer Byrne

      i no like theres girls way in love with justin then selena text back.xxxxxx

  • Diana_t23

    I love this I think that’s cute that Justin like video games if I was his girl I would like to play with him and I wouldn’t get mad I mean like really LOVE YOU JUSTIN

    • Tori

      Yeah but he should respect her!!

    • SOMMER Byrne

      i no every one loves him its not fear that selena gets to go out with him cause shes famous theres well nicer girls then her. I NO WE ALL LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER

  • gbemisola

    very good she deserve it

  • Chris

    I don’t think Justin and Selena are right for eachother! And I’m Bi and personally I don’t think Justin seems completely straight!

    • Chris

      And anybody who says something messed up about me being bi can drop dead!

    • Monica leia

      dat’s a burn but sometimes he does act gay  

  • Goda

    i love him he is so gay

  • Jbyrd

    They are so young we know that young love can see it coming as they grow up a business life tour…

  • Patience

    Oh, he missed a call from her. Does he have to be that attached to his phone. Can’t she wait a bit. I mean, really. He should be able to finish his game and then take his calls.

  • Sommer Byrne

    justin as long as you and selena are happy then i m happy but i want you to no that i will always be you biggist fan ever and i love you so much

  • Somer Byrne

    i love you so so much justin like i would not mind if you were playing games aslong as your mine xxxxxxxxxx

  • Sommer Byrne


  • Sommer Byrne

    justin bieber i will never stop loving you babe xxxxxx <3

  • Vagina man


  • Monica leia

    they r cute together