Justin Bieber Involved In Minor Car Accident

Justin Bieber Involved In Minor Car Accident

Teen singer Justin Bieber was involved in a minor car accident on Tuesday in Los Angeles.

It was a minor accident and no one was hurt, as a result. Justin was driving a Ferrari and got bumped by a Honda. TMZ has more:

Sources on the scene tell TMZ … the Honda “tapped” Biebs so gently he didn’t exchange info with the other driver.

But we’re told one of Justin’s peeps decided … better safe than sorry … and called police — who showed up and said there wasn’t enough damage to even take a report.

The good news is no one was injured. Even better news … we’re told Bieber doesn’t own the Ferrari.

Aren’t you glad that this seventeen-year-old entertainment monkey wasn’t injured in his super expensive car that you nor I will ever be able to afford? Heaven forbid the car gets a scratch…then he’d have to go back to driving the Range Rover that Usher bought him for his sixteenth birthday. Oh the humanity!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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