Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez? – Photo

Not that we’re waiting at the edge of our seats for confirmation that this is actually them, but it looks like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are kissing!

This photo came from Bieber Heiress, which seems to think that the photo might be real. But we thought we would leave it up to the readers to decide.

What do you think? Is Justin kissing Selena in this picture? Or is it a fake? Let us know in the comments below!

FYI, He already thinks she’s awesome!

Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez? – Photo was last modified: November 14th, 2011 by Lydia Harris
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  • thalia

    ok that is so not justin bieber cuz that is nit his hair so either the picture is fake or slelena is kissing someone else!!!!!!!

  • thalia

    ok that is so not justin bieber cuz that is not his hair so either the picture is fake or slelena is kissing someone else!!!!!!!

  • jolie

    ok thats sooo not him!! i think that every single bielieber knows that thats not jb it’s not his hair.

  • jolie

    hey it’s me again i also wanted to say that thats nt justin’s fingers i know him!!!! my future husband would not do that anyway

  • Rebecca

    Can I just say that that’s neither Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez.

  • cely

    yeeeeaaaa i am with alll yaaaa but i dont know weell i am a bieleber and i think thats not justin biebers hair but then the nkles and abauttt selena wellll if thats not her it cccaain of look like hher weell byy i love justin bieber ooo n lolie or jolie hiiiiiis my future husband

  • CandySchmacks

    Yeah its fake lol. It looks real doesnt it? I want a boyfriend NOW! grr. lol

  • sabrina

    it looks photoshopped, I mean look at ‘Selena’s’ hand. its going right through him like, WTF, ffaaaakkkee!

  • meiner

    Fake photo montage:
    – The male person is larger than the female person
    – black and white photo manipulation, the layer (person, hand chain) hidden
    – Hair-section of the male person does not meet the requirement

  • saffana angelina

    there is a strong evidence in the picture ..
    a necklace that they use the justin ….

  • aeiou

    A mi me parece qe estan saliendo!!! ojala me parece qe son re linda pareja

  • kristin

    Thats not my man and also selenas hand is like going thru jbs chest so nooo way is this real. it would b cool if it was tho cuz i wanna kno already if they r dating! they needa come clean and tell the world. but if that happened id be mad cuz he is minnnnne! not anyone elses!

  • Lindsey

    yeah this is fake, its something similar to the Miley Cyrus picture that was edited to make her look like she’s not wearing underwear. People just make up stories about celebrities that are not true to make money. They are not kissing, they are best friends. Other stories posted are not true like about having sex, dating or any of that. Can’t they just respect that their regular teens like anyone else having a best friend?!? It’s not even close to what Justin’s hair looks like.

  • Savina

    This makes me sad bug hey I already knew I wasn’t hood enough for him pluse haven’t met him but Selena Gomez Is purrrrfect soo sshh she’s the one

  • mish-mash

    oh my gosh i can’t believe it but if you think about it i think someone just bought his neckalace and the girl is just someone who looks like selina from the side

  • dorontina

    oooooo my got

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  • Monizzie

    i thinks it’s noththem because i dont think it looks like selena in my oppinion and if they were trying to keep it a secret why take a picture this picture was taken on perpouse

  • Pony-crazy-bm

    i think also that that is not selena gomez

  • Cmhrocs

    that is definetly not selena gomez

  • Cmhrocs

    and why would one pic be colorful and the other black and whit


    YEAH!!! IT IS!!!! IT REALLLY IS!!!! I MEAN LOOK AT IT. it looks like selena, and you can see the hair, AND THE NECLACE of beiber!!!! :mrgreen:

    ooh this is twisting and turning fast. :twisted:

  • Lilrose12

    justin bieber u really need to come to albuquerque, nm, but i wont be at your concerts probablly never will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasminet2010

    its fake, ‘Justin’ dont have a arm in the picture. and ‘Selena’ dont have a hand. whoever photoshopped this fails at photoshopping.

    • Lorna-batty

      yes she dos

  • Yayitsdylan5897

    it is not bieber because look at the hair flow,, its the wrong direction

  • Iflyalondra12132

    justin is that ugly but cody simpson is sexyer then justin

  • Roksa13

    someone photoshoped it but really they r together and lflyalondra12132
    if u dont like justin dont write coments like that even i love justin and that idiot Cody or who ever he is UGLY not my Bieber <3

  • Abdi_bele


  • Abdi_bele


    • Marthacisneros98


  • Lorna-batty

    i love them both ilove u

  • Butt


  • kill3r


  • Justa Girl

    Whether it’s real or not, they are dating. As much as we wish it wasn’t true, it is. So even if this picture is fake, I’m certain they have kissed before….

  • Beccy

    Justin aint that much taler than selena look in the pic theyre the same height xx

  • Beccastromasoe

    well yayitsdylan5897 now u kno wit is ha :P

  • Aeeshaprincess

    omg this cant be justin bieber

  • Jenny

    Look at the necklace