Justin Bieber Pranks Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber Pranks Taylor Swift

Since Justin Bieber’s 18th birthday just passed, he decided to play a joke on one of his good friends. An MTV preview of the season premiere from Punk’d shows him doing just that. And what better friend to play the trick on than Taylor Swift!

The exclusive trailer first appeared on Ryan Seacrest’s site on Thursday showing Justin Bieber saying, “I think we should start with Taylor.” Then somehow he convinces her to shoot some fireworks off of a balcony on a beach house. The firework then lands on a yacht sailing by which causes it to catch on fire. Justin then explains that the yacht is holding a ceremony for a wedding. This causes Taylor to not only worry about setting their boat on fire, but for ruining somebody’s wedding!

The preview then shows Taylor frantically worried saying, “This is not OK.” I can definitely agree with you on that one. Thanks to Bieber, Taylor almost got put in the hospital for a heart attack, and he possibly pulled one of the worst pranks in the history of Punk’d.

This is one of those jokes that I would consider going way too far. The season premiere of Punk’d will be showing on March 29th, 10 pm ET. Tune in to see if Taylor has it in her heart to forgive Justin for this cruel prank. What do you think? Did Justin take things a little too far?

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  • GGdes

    Everything and anything Justin does is taken way too seriously. If it was someone else, we would say, yeah, that is a great prank. But if it is Justin, then everybody says he went too far. Leave him alone! By the way, it was a GREAT prank, LOL!!