Justin Bieber Punks Taylor Swift: ‘I Wanted To See Her Cry’

Justin Bieber Punks Taylor Swift: 'I Wanted To See Her Cry'

In an upcoming episode of Punk’d, teen singer Justin Bieber plays a hilariously awful prank on country singer Taylor Swift. Justin has taken over the show’s hosting duties for Ashton Kutcher and said that he only picked Taylor because he wanted to make her cry.

In the episode, he is seen encouraging Taylor to set off a firework that ends up appearing to set a boat on fire. The only problem? Aboard the boat there is a wedding taking place.

In a recent interview, Justin revealed, “Basically, she’s such a sweet girl so I wanted to like, make her cry. So I wanted to think of something that would really do that. And she’s so sensitive so I knew that if she thought she broke up a wedding — she was literally flipping out. She was like, ‘This is not okay, there’s people’…all of a sudden the bride’s swimming into the shore.”

Are you looking forward to the new season of Punk’d starring Justin Bieber? Will you laugh as the Biebz make Swifty cry?

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