Justin Bieber Rejects Plea Deal In DUI Case

Justin Bieber Rejects Plea Deal In DUI Case

Teen singer Justin Bieber has rejected a plea deal in his DUI case! So, basically the kid doesn’t want any restrictions on whether or not he can allegedly smoke pot and drink sizzurp?

According to reports, the prosecutors in the case have offered up a no contest plea deal to the Biebz. The problem is that there were strings attached to that particular offer. Reportedly, the prosecutors want Justin to submit himself to random drug testing for six to nine months. TMZ has the scoop:

Now law enforcement sources tell us … they will not deal if Justin does not agree to random drug testing … period. As a result, both sides are at an impasse.

With a plea deal all but off the table, a trial is likely. Law enforcement sources acknowledge there are problems with the arresting officers … the fact that he may have lied when he said he smelled alcohol on Justin’s breath (he blew a .014). And another cop claimed Justin was drag racing (at 27 MPH).

Nonetheless … we’re told prosecutors are not afraid of trying the case. And Justin’s famed lawyer, Roy Black, is ready for a courtroom battle.

At stake — Justin could be tried for 3 offenses … DUI, resisting arrest, and driving on an expired license. Worst case scenario — 2 1/2 years in jail.

Maybe Justin Bieber will actually do some jail time? The cops and prosecutors have the report from the car rental place showing that he was actually speeding that evening. He shouldn’t have been drinking, either, considering that he isn’t of legal age. We’re guessing that he won’t do a lick of jail time stemming from this. He’s the teflon kid!

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