Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Back Together?

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Back Together?

We could be wrong here, but we’re hearing reports that it is very possible that teen singer Justin Bieber and his Disney star ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez might have just gone and reconciled. Did their breakup even last a week?

She was said to be sad following their breakup, but clearly blamed their split on trust issues with him. The whole drama left us wondering if Justin had been skeeving around with that Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin — in a possible attempt to make Selena jealous, maybe? (Think like a teenager with us!)

She was just said to be blocking all contact with Justin, likely to try and get over him. Still, it would seem that he has managed to break through her anti-Bieber barrier. On Wednesday night, TMZ reports that Justin had his driver take him to the airport to pick Selena up. It was more than him giving her a lift home, too. They went back to her place and he stayed the night!

We’re guessing that Justin is working his multi-million dollar magic to get her back. We all know that he is a romantic guy and perhaps he has offered to buy her the moon? Seriously, all of this leaves us wondering how exactly can you block yourself off from one of the richest people on the planet? He can reach you, Selena!

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