Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez having sex?

Selena Gomez may say that she and Justin Bieber are only friends, but the couple are hanging out a lot lately. First it was for pancakes, then she was spotted on his tour bus — and now, we’re hearing rumblings that they ordered room service at his South Beach hotel!

Reportedly, in Miami, the twosome ordered room service while hanging out in his room at the Gansevoort Hotel. They ordered penne pasta with alfredo sauce, ginger ale and a Pepsi, but opted to go downstairs to STK Restaurant. The only problem? They got locked out of his room!

A source said, “Justin’s had a crush on her forever, but they’ve always just been friends. I guess something changed for her.”

Reportedly, Justin checked into the hotel using the name Chandler Bing. Cute.

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  1. justin bieber and selena G together its funny really selena stupit because shes destroying justin B .is justinB a christian really am askin .the problem is that he wants to hav girl friend if he presipitate in that he will not have the right girl and the couple wouldn t stay. justin B wait for the right girl.dont rush into it am ur fan and and let me give u some advice.

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  2. @deborah I read your comment and I just wanted to say that I really love your amazing spelling and grammar skills. That is all.

  3. they both look like a couple

  4. I am a big fan of jb and sg they are cute togther.

  5. I am a big fan of jb and sg they are cute togther.

  6. Heujhrurh

    Dont Belive Selna gomez goes out with a dick

    • Allyandmarybffls

      you are so stupid why do you say this?

  7. ikr

  8. jb rocks



    • Allyandmarybffls


  10. sexxy12

    I hope she gets to suck on that dick for a long time

  11. justin bieber in hot but sg is so not jb u broke your fans harets so  dump that  sluty bitch  or your fans go by-by . hottie

  12. i love u justin bieber

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