Justin Bieber Is Surrounded By Yes Men

Justin Bieber Is Surrounded By Yes Men

According to the latest gossip surrounding teen singer Justin Bieber, he has apparently surrounded himself by nothing but yes men! Surprise, surprise — right? It doesn’t appear to us that this kid has heard the word “no” in quite some time.

He was said to have gone crazy during his time in Colombia and Rio de Janeiro because no one in his entire entourage has the guts to tell him no. During his stay down south, he illegally spray painted a wall in Colombia. Later, he went to a brothel in Rio and was kicked out of his hotel with two prostitutes that he left with.

A source said, “He honestly didn’t think he was doing something wrong. Nobody ever tells him not to do anything, so he thought it was okay. He really walked into this firestorm not aware that the person paying the bills and providing the fun will never be told no.”

The source added, “It’s cool to give Justin what he wants so nobody will tell him ‘no’ because they want to live the life he has — and once anyone questions it, then they will not be invited anymore. Nobody wants to be the narc!”

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