Justin Bieber talks about his changing voice

Justin Bieber talks about his changing voice

Teen singer Justin Bieber’s voice is going through changes!

But don’t worry Beliebers, Justin’s got it all covered. He is relying on the assistance of a vocal coach to help his voice adapt to the changes that he’s going through. He says that so far, it’s going pretty well.

In a new interview with Matt Lauer, he said, “My voice is definitely changing, gradually. It’s definitely lower than last time I was here. I think that everybody’s voice changes. It’s just how you go through it. I have a great vocal coach that’s helping me.”

Justin also revealed that he does take one day off per week — to be normal!

He added, “I make sure I have at least one day off a week. I need one day of downtime. The rest of the week is all jam-packed. I have to have at least one day. It’s hard because I’m away from my family, like, my brother and sister. You only live once, but at the same time, my brother and sister are going to grow up and they’re going to be proud of me.”

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