Justin Bieber Thinks His Mustache Makes Him A Man

Justin Bieber Thinks His Mustache Makes Him A Man

Teen singer Justin Bieber must certainly be proud of the mustache that he’s been growing. In a new clip promoting his movie Believe 3D, he is seen sporting some upper lip fuzz, announcing to the world that he’s a man now.

He took to his official Twitter account to say, “I keep my promises. U got #heartbreaker to #1 so I owe u #filmfridays..Here is your first #filmfridays. The #stache lol.”

Along with that message to his hordes of fans, he also shared the 36-second teaser for the movie:

He’s growing a mustache, talking with grown men and drinking coffee, so that must mean that he’s finally acting like a mature, full grown man, right? Not so, apparently. Not if he needs Usher to be on camera talking about how much of a man he has become.

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