Justin Bieber To Be Fined Over Illegal Tattooing?

Justin Bieber To Be Fined Over Illegal Tattooing?

Teen singer Justin Bieber is a worldwide star and the subject of his own documentary, and now he can add tattoo artist to his list of accomplishments. Apparently all is not well after the ink job, however, because Justin might be facing a hefty fine for doing the tattoo illegally!

He has turned into quite the bad guy with his reputation lately. He’s been smoking weed and letting his pals go crazy in his super expensive cars and now he’s permanently scarring people (and not just with his music…ha!)

Reportedly, the Biebz tattooed a celebrity tattoo artist by the name of Bang Bang. Justin tattooed “Swaggy” on his target, despite the fact that he does not have a license to do so.

Bang Bang said in a new interview, “I’m like a needy fan, I want a 30-minute autograph. That was his design. It was anything he wanted. It’s his cartoon character. It might be the only thing he knows how to draw. It’s kinda my thing, I’m always asking celebrities to tattoo me.”

With regard to the fact that Justin has no license, he said, “There are people in New York with a tattoo license that don’t know their a** from their elbow. He did the tattoo under the supervision of a very capable teacher…me.”

And there you have it! TELL US: Would you let Justin Bieber tattoo anything he wanted on your body? Hit the comments and let us know!

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