Justin Bieber uses Chuck Norris to sell his song, ‘Baby’

Newly crowned pop tween singing sensation Justin Bieber is using Chuck Norris’ image and the memes associated with him to sell copies of his newest song, “Baby”.

And you thought that was a dead horse? He’s bringing it back.

He tweeted, “Chuck Norris bought BABY on ITUNES infinity times….twice” and re-tweeted, “@JUSTINBIEBER BUY BABY ON ITUNES LETS MAKE IT NUMBER ONE IF ITS NOT NUMBER ONE CHUCK NORRIS WILL GET MAD.. AND WE DONT WANT TO MAKE HIM MAD.” and “HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!! MTV has confirmed that CHUCK NORRIS is a BEAST- http://newsroom.mtv.com/2010/01/25/justin-bieber-chuck-norris/”.

Think Chuck Norris or his fist have anything to say about this?

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