Justin Bieber Vs. Patrick Carney: The Saga Continues

Justin Bieber Vs. Patrick Carney: The Saga Continues

This is just the gift that keeps on giving! When Justin Bieber got the official snub from the Grammy Awards this month, he tried to overtake the show with a live chat with his fans. He was obviously so miffed that his new album didn’t garner even one nod that he decided not to show up at all.

That was basically when The Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney called out the Biebz for acting a fool. He said that Grammy Awards are basically for good music, not money. He said that Justin is already rich and selling records. Now, it appears that this feud isn’t going to die down any time soon. The Great Monkey Suit reports:

Bieber then went to Twitter calling out Patrick saying, “The black keys drummer should be slapped around haha.” This put Biebernation on the defense and attacking Patrick Carney and his Twitter. Apparantly, this did not sit too well with Patrick who then went on Twitter and changed his Twitter name to Justin Bieber and began to use the the Biebs slang while mocking and making fun of Justin. Justin Bieber has yet to respond to any of the Twitter fueding as he is on tour in Ireland.

Settle down already, girls…

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