Justin Bieber Wasn’t Driving Speeding Ferrari In Calabasas

Justin Bieber Wasn't Driving Speeding Ferrari In Calabasas

As it turns out, Justin Bieber was not behind the wheel of his Ferrari when it came to speeding in his gated Calabasas community. When the speeding incident occurred, Keyshawn Johnson saw the car speeding around the neighborhood, so he gave chase in his Prius.

When he got to Justin’s house, he attempted to confront the teen singer, but he just went in his house. Now, it’s been revealed via video footage that Justin wasn’t driving the car after all.

Justin’s pal Tyler The Creator jumped to his defense, saying that he was the driver at the time of the incident. He said on Twitter, “That was me behind the wheel of Justins vehicle. Don’t blame him. People are actually evil swearing up and down that it was who it wasn’t.”

Police obtained the video footage of the incident and it appears to have put Justin in the clear. Tyler was actually driving the car and Justin was following closely behind him on his motorbike. Tyler said of the speeding incident, “I wasn’t whipping…I was driving nicely. People are crazy. I have concern for pedestrians, just some people are really evil, that’s all I’m gonna say.”

We’re guessing that Justin won’t be prosecuted at this time….and his friend won’t, either. Should there be speeding charges brought against Tyler because of the danger imposed? Share your thoughts below.

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