Justin Bieber’s Drinking Sparks Nightclub Investigation

Justin Bieber's Drinking Sparks Nightclub Investigation

Teen singer Justin Bieber has found himself at the center of an investigation over his illegal alcohol consumption this past Friday night. According to reports, Justin was at a Texas nightclub where he was said to be getting his drink on.

He was reportedly partying it up at NOX Houston in Texas on Friday and there are pictures to prove it. Someone is going to be in deep trouble! Clubs cater to celebrities despite the fact that they aren’t of legal drinking age and they just end up getting themselves in trouble!

He even tried to say that he was merely drinking water while at the club, but the pictures taken there show the teen singer holding onto an open bottle of Dos Equis beer. Now, an official complaint has been lodged with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the investigation into the matter has been launched.

If the authorities find that Justin was actually consuming booze during his time in the club, the club’s owners face a hefty fine. In addition, the venue could also loose its liquor license as a result. Despite that, Justin won’t be fined personally because he wasn’t actually caught in the act.

Do you think that Justin should be fined for drinking in a bar before turning 21? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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